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Unlock the Power of Data to Transform Public Services in Wales 

Date: Tuesday 21st November 2023

Time: 11am - 12pm

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Join us for a webinar where we'll explore how to use data to transform public services and outcomes. 

The Welsh public sector faces some data challenges, such as data silos, data quality issues, and a lack of data skills. These challenges can hinder the use of data to improve services and outcomes. 

At Simpson Associates, we're passionate about helping public sector organisations in Wales to overcome these challenges and use data to make a difference. 

Join us and Microsoft for our upcoming webinar on addressing the data challenge in Public Sector Wales. We'll explore the following topics: 


  • Why is data important to a public services?
  • Why is managing data a challenge and what are the impacts?
  • How can I achieve a complete and accurate view of my citizens/nominals/patients?
  • What are other organisations using data & insights to achieve? (use cases & stories) 

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